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$STZ one of the strongest names from yesterday  and was on top of my list. My entry was PERFECT which was called out in our free online trading room but trade management was a bit all over the place. Even though the rest of the guys made some decent cash on it.  For me if I had to rank it, I would give it 2/10.

As can be seen from the chart I got the right price for entry, I even scaled out some of on the 1st piece near the .20s, for the rest I should have moved my stops to breakeven and let it breather and see what is going to happen, instead I closed out on that pullback near .07-.08 region.  Even though it still came out to be high reward to risk- trade because of my entry price, the trade could have been even better. As traders, there are times like these which will happen. That’s why we LIVE AND LEARN and Survive to trade another day.

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