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Base Breakout is by far one of my favorite patterns, also my bread and butter trades. Not all base breakouts are the same. While day trading , a lot of base breakouts happen but which one works and which one doesn’t is what differentiates between a profitable day and a losing day. We discuss all the probabilities in our LIVE ONLINE DAY TRADING ROOM.

Even though today in the morning it was a choppy day for me personally with no followthru in many of my trades, I managed to keep my losses really small and when this opporunity in $SINA cameby, I literally pounced the table and informed my traders in the trading room that I was doubling up on that trade. The $SINA chart pretty much tells you everything that I did. I messed up the trade a bit cause I took profits way too soon. But nevertheless, for me it turned out to be a 5:1 reward to risk trade and in this market environment in $SPY $QQQ, I will take that anytime.

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