Trader Education

As a new trader or an experienced trader if you don’t have the right guidance and a profitable trading plan before you put your hard earned dollars to invest ,you are bound to lose it all over a period of time.

Help us Help you to achieve financial freedom.
Power Breakout Trading CourseDuration: 12 hours


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Technical analysis vs fundamental  analysis
Chapter 3: Candlesticks
Chapter 4: Market Structure
Chapter 5: Understanding Trends
Chapter 6: How and which indicators to use
Chapter 7: Chart Patterns
Chapter 8: Day Trading Strategies
Chapter 9: Scanning Techniques for Day Trading and Long Term Investing
Chapter 10: Risk Management
Chapter 11: Trading Psychology

Cost of the program:  $3,500 for one-on-one mentoring includes one month access
to online live trading room  with one month one-on-one trade review
$2,500 for group mentoring includes one month access to online
live trading room with one week one-on-one trade review.

To have more information about our training program email:


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