Distribution days in $SPY $QQQ $ES_F are increasing, if your a long term- swing trader on buy side, market has given enough reasons to be cautious.

$SINA one of the stocks we shorted today, was on our radar to be shorted in our online live trading room yesterday if there was any weakness in the region of 63.70-63.90, however, we saw a a lot of buying in the tape yesterday, therefore had it on our list today. Once $SINA 62 broke today and showing weakness on the tape with a weak market, I started to look for shorting opportunity.

1st trade short  below yest low 61.85, got a crap fill and got in at .70s with stops at 62. Mentioned in the trading room if it break below 61.70s (2nd add)  time to double or triple up cause now the trade short was high probability trade on all time frames.

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Entry and exit was posted on twitter live too 🙂 .  Follow me on twitter @dchsn6


Follow me on twitter @dchsn6

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