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Trade Review $BIG

With $SPY and $QQQ not doing much, it’s really important to hit the trades that you get with good size and that is exactly what we do in our trading room. $BIG was one of our old alerts from a couple of days which came to life. Over 31 to go long was the call and we pretty much align the charts like aligning the stars. Quick long scalp of 31 break and within 15 mins all the guys in the trading room banked some $$. We do this day in day out like clockwork. Come check us out.

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$SPY and $QQQ analysis going forward

In our trading room, we had a good ride of $SPY from 133.50-134 region to 142, the target which was met a few days ago, all the guys in the trading room are up 6% just from the $SPY swing trade. In the trading room it was mentioned to be flat 142 SPY today. We will be looking to add to SPY positions depending on the opportunity provided in the market, where and when we do that drop by our trading room for live information.

Here was my post about our target 142 being achieved on august 16, 2012.

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Trade Review $PAY

$PAY one of the weak stocks which gapped down on earnings, I didn’t play it on the day after..but instead waited for it to show weakness and play it off it’s daily chart. The chart is well annotated with my though process. Even though there is not much action happening in $SPY and $QQQ we are still finding names day in day out in out trading room to give us high reward to risk trades.


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$SPY Target 1: 142 achieved!!

Congratulations to all my followers, readers and trading room members, after the gruelling summer trading we have finally reached our first target in $SPY of 142. It has been a long haul, but building the core positions around 133.50-134 region as mentioned in my blog and in the trading room has been profitable.,  the market gave us more than 1 chance  to get in and we should be thankful to the market for that 🙂

For new readers, please visit my post  where I have mentioned my trading room members to go long $SPY in the 133.50-134 region on July 10, 2012.

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Day Trader’s Nightmare

Today is a perfect example of why there are days when you sit out and days when you take on risk. Most of the guys in  online free trading room are sitting on sidelines today.  Just by the view of $SPY chart, it can bee seen fake breakout above opening range highs and fake breakdowns below opening range lows.  Big Picture perspective $SPY is doing everything right for continuation of bull trend, most of the people in online free trading room  are long SPY from 133.50-134 region based on this post.



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