What is next for $SPY

If you guys followed my post on June 21, 2012. https://dchsn6.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/why-i-am-long-tza/ . If you were long you should have been careful and take some profits. If you were going to go long, you should have stayed out. No questions asked, that post pretty much tell you everything and the reason behind it.


If you were long $TZA calls take some profits here.

The big question is what’s next. I have attached a key level in 1hr chart. If that breaks then your pretty much looking the levels I mentioned in this post https://dchsn6.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/thesis-on-spy-for-2012/.


The $TZA call taken by my friend Mario @4dloveoftrading along with me reaped big benefits. Mario is also an amazing trader and a Great friend.Image.

If you want to see real time how I navigate through these markets

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If you need leverage on your capital and are looking for 100%payout on your profits with competitive commission rates. Email me: dchsn6@gmail.com  and I can help you to join my group and get a group discount. Why pay more when you can pay less.

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