How to trade Bear Market and trade review of June 4,2012

I personally have only two types of play to trade bear markets.

1. Retracement to moving average

2. Base break.

A really good example is PAY. It trended really well early this morning. However, due to DAS issues which I faced the whole morning, I wasn’t able to get in on the first retracement. But I played the base break. It looks like I covered too soon. But the trade for me for 4:1 reward :risk trade. I would take it any time of the day. Should have held longer yes, but my charts showing dots all over the place wasn’t something I wanted to risk my $$ on.

In bear markets, there is a common misperception that you just keep on shorting the lows.  However, like bull markets, you need to be selective on which stocks to short cause if yuo get trapped in on one short squeeze you can pretty much give back all the gains you made before.

If you want to see real time how I navigate through these markets

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